The super-talented member of our agency, and the star of FK "Budućnost Podgorica", Vasilije Adžić (17), on Monday 25/12/2023 in the conference hall of Hotel "Hilton" in the capital city of Montenegro, received the well-deserved awards for "The Most Promising Young Player" of Montenegro in 2023, as well as for "The Best Player" of Premier Montenegrin League for the past year.

Brilliant goals, attractive moves, and visible combativeness adorn the Montenegrin diamond which attracts huge levels of attention within the football world and even broader. His great impact on the pitch can be seen through statistical columns that are filled up with his goals and assists as he contributes to lead teammates to the final success.

We wish Vasilije to continue to deliver games of the highest quality on the pitch, to stay humble and disciplined as he has been so far, and finally, to be healthy and happy as much as possible!

Let's embrace the magic of the next year's challenges and follow the road to the highest stages of the football game.

Once again, congratulations Vasilije!

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